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Tails of the Groomer


Flea Season Has Come!

Now with the weather warming up those darn fleas will become a problem again....just when you think you have gotten it under control.

Fleas cause a number of uncomfortable health issues for dogs, such as flea allergy dermatitis, skin infections, incessant scratching and biting, hot spots, and more.  Keeping up on flea control and prevention is the best medicine and avoids an infestation in your home and unnecessary stress for your pet.

One way to do this is to have your pet groomed regularly.  Our groomers thoroughly check for evidence of fleas and the problems that go with them.  For a nominal fee, Paws Crossing can also provide and apply topical flea products such as Advantage during your pet's grooming visit.

We also have a huge selection of shampoo and conditioning products formulated for sensitive skin and we can tailor the products we use to your pet's skin and coat needs.  If your pet needs a veterinary prescription shampoo or you have a particular shampoo you prefer to use, please bring that to your grooming appointment and we will discount your grooming by 5 dollars.

Our grooming department is dedicated to your pet's ongoing skin and coat health.  Check in monthly for skin and coat care information as well as at home grooming tips to make your pet's grooming experience an easy and enjoyable one!