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Some Stay for the Day

Unlike some pet care providers, Paws Crossing offers an interactive daycare environment for dogs - no cages, just fun.


We evaluate your pet to make sure he or she is suited for a group play situation. If so, your friend will be able to socialize, run and jump with other dogs in our indoor area.


Outdoor play areas and the bone-shaped pool provide more fun and exercise opportunities.


Our highly trained, certified pet daycare specialists make sure everyone can play safely.


*Due to popularity, we now require advance reservations for Day Care Services to allow all dogs enough room to romp.


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Day Care Daily

The friendly staff at Paws Crossing is always on the lookout the for the cute and funny moments that make dogs the great companions they are.

When I asked for a Hot Dog, this isn't what I had in mind!
Just go ahead and TRY to say "no" to this face!
Have you met my invisible friend?
Happy Birthday Chewy!!!
Ummm...I think your fountain pen may have a leak...
Oh Hi! Just chillin' with my new BFF.
To err is human. To blame it on the dog shows management potential.
Can someone fix my hair puweezz!
Someday my Prince will come...\r\nand sit and stay!
Mornings...We''re not all built for them.
We chase bad fing awai. You kin come outs now.
Ummm.. I thought you said that cats could swim!
OK. I''ll be a submarine. But only if submarines get treats!
I was not doing anything....I swear!
See? No cat in there. I think maybe he went for long walk?